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Our mission is to provide the expertise, commitment and professionalism to effectively resolve complex construction and design deficiency claims through mediation, litigation or trial. As the premier construction and design deficiency law firm in New Mexico, we work to maximize results for our clients and to innovate our profession.

Your home should outlast the life of your mortgage.

The purchase of a home is the largest financial investment you will ever make. It is reasonable to expect that your home has been built to last. When something goes wrong with the construction of your home, you pay the price, both financially and emotionally. Can you trust the developer to fix defects in your home when it was responsible for them in the first place? Will you be subject to a special assessment because your developer chose profits over quality?

We share a common goal – to resolve defect issues and maximize results.

The attorneys and staff at Shinnick & Ryan LLP have dedicated their careers to resolution of construction and design deficiency cases on behalf of homeowners. Our combined success in litigation and negotiation with developers, subcontractors and the insurance industry has resulted in the recovery of over a hundred million dollars for our clients and the repair of thousands of homes. From the outset, every case we handle is methodically prepared to establish the evidence necessary to prove your claims and obtain the most successful resolution possible.

Laws affecting your community and the construction and design deficiency industry constantly change.

We don’t just follow the laws affecting your home, we advocate for them. We are vital members of legislative action groups solely designed to protect homeowners and their communities. As your attorneys, we will craft our strategy to effectively resolve your case in the context of both the legal and legislative environments.

Expertise, Commitment & Professionalism.

For over 30 years, the attorneys in our law firm have been dedicated to preserving the rights of homeowners facing construction and design deficiencies. Over the years, one constant has been the firm’s commitment to getting our clients’ homes repaired, either by recovering enough money to repair their homes and to rebuild their communities, or by compelling builder’s to do the right thing, and give the homeowners’ the home that they had paid for to begin with. The experienced attorneys and staff of Shinnick & Ryan strive always to be the best at what they do. They recognize that laws and the legal system will change, yet realize that the most important aspect of their work remains helping the homeowner.